Mahoning County Building Codes (Ohio)

Search for Mahoning County, OH building code information. A building code search provides information on local building codes, building code violations, building regulations, building rules, approved building plans, rejected building plans, renovation regulations, building code investigations, building inspections, and abatement orders.

Code Enforcement Offices in Mahoning County, Ohio are responsible for ensuring compliance with Mahoning County building codes as well as other rules and regulations. They enforce building codes and zoning regulations, and their records include documents listing the building codes and regulations as well as reports of Mahoning County building code violations that stem from complaints or inspections. The Mahoning County Code Enforcement Office investigates potential code violations and keeps records of their reports, including any abatement orders. These records can be used to look up building codes, find code violations, and see approved building plans. Code Enforcement Offices typically provide online access to their building code records.

Youngstown Code Enforcement Youngstown OH 9 West Front Street 44503 330-744-1261

Building Departments in Mahoning County, Ohio create and enforce building codes and zoning rules to ensure the construction of safe buildings. As part of this job, Building Departments maintain records on Mahoning County building codes, reviews of building codes, and record any changes to the code requirements or regulations. They also review and approve building and renovation plans to make sure they meet building codes, and they typically keep records on approved and rejected plans. Mahoning County Building Department records can identify building codes, find records of Mahoning County violations, and locate approved building plans. These building code documents are often available online through the local Building Department website.

Austintown Township Zoning Austintown OH 90 Westchester Drive 44515 330-799-3241

Beaver Township Zoning North Lima OH 11999 South Avenue 44452 330-549-9295

Boardman Township Zoning Youngstown OH 8299 Market Street 44512 330-726-4181

Canfield Zoning Canfield OH 104 Lisbon Street 44406 330-533-1101

Coitsville Township Zoning Lowellville OH 3737 McCartney Road 44436 330-536-6047

Mahoning County Building Department Youngstown OH 50 Westchester Drive 44515 330-270-2894

Youngstown Planning and Zoning Department Youngstown OH 9 West Front Street 44503 330-742-8842

Town and City Halls in Mahoning County, Ohio provide municipal services for their community, including issuing and enforcing building codes. The Town or City Hall is responsible for ensuring compliance with building codes and investigating possible Mahoning County building code violations. They keep records on building codes as well as any changes to the building code, and they may also review and approve building and renovation plans. The Town or City Hall typically has records on approved and rejected plans, investigations of Mahoning County building code violations, and any punishments or abatement plans for code violations. These records can be useful for prospective Mahoning County property buyers and property owners, and they are typically available through the Town or City Hall website.

Campbell City Hall Campbell OH 351 Tenney Avenue 44405 330-755-1451

Lowellville City Hall Lowellville OH 140 East Liberty Street 44436 330-536-6415

Milton Town Hall Lake Milton OH 15990 Milton Avenue 44429 330-538-2738

Struthers City Hall Struthers OH 6 Elm Street 44471 330-755-2181

Youngstown City Hall Youngstown OH 26 South Phelps Street 44503 330-742-8888